Nathanael Furlow (Class of 2019)


When it came to my identity, I didn’t even place it in the world, but I just wasn’t sure of who God called and created me to be. I knew some basic truths about my identity such as “I’m a beloved son of the King” or “I am defined by God and not the world”. Those truths were super powerful for me in the season leading up to VCLA, but I had never really done a deep dive into who I was. Now at the end of VCLA there has been a deeper level of understanding and my identity. The first thing that really changed is that I am a reflection of Jesus. I am caring and I have a heart for people. That’s just how Jesus has made me. The second thing that helped me dive deeper into my identity. When we were in Uganda the word ‘Teacher’ was spoken over me. At first, I thought that was a calling or purpose which I know God will reveal more in this definition for me. A teacher is so much more than just someone doing a job. A good teacher invests in people, cares for their students, wants to see them succeed, and believes in them. God wanted me to see that all those were true of me too. I am an investor in people’s hearts. I care for the people I’m leading because they matter so much to the kingdom. I am someone who champions people to succeed, and I am a believer in the people around me.