Jonathan Zavala (Class of 2018)


While in VCLA, the revelation of my identity being rooted in my friendship with Jesus totally transformed my view of God. You see, before this, I thought of God as someone who wanted to make me better so that I could do His work on the earth. And while that is true, I was blown away by the relational aspect of The Father. How deeply He wanted to know my heart and make me more like Him. I was in awe of His heart to love me and serve me, and just the fact that He desired friendship with me. So, the urge to spend time with Jesus, pray, and read His word began to grow in my heart as time went on. From this, my only response was to give my life over to Him in praise.

It’s through this continual revelation of being a friend of God that has led me to love others for who they are in Christ. I know that God intentionally orchestrated my experience at VCLA to draw me closer to Himself and invite me to live even more freely as a beloved son.