Jackson Thompson (Class of 2019)


This year has been a year I wouldn’t ever give up for any amount of money. I couldn’t put a price tag on it if I tried. It’s been a year of growing and stretching my physical, spiritual, and mental limits. It’s hard to believe that the Lord has something even better coming my way! Who am I? I always knew that I was a leader, that’s what everyone had always told me. But there was always something that made me feel less confident, whether it was I felt like I didn’t know enough about the bible to lead the people around me, or what I had to say wouldn’t be the best or most efficient option. But it was through VCLA that God slowly peeled the layers of insecurity to reveal the unique way God made me and who I am. He revealed that I have an overabundance of joy and love in my heart and that even though I will make mistakes and let people down there will always be enough love in other peoples heart for me.